Consciously crafted, timeless leather goods.

At Cale & Cael we believe in creating high-quality, ethically made, custom leather goods. All of our pieces are crafted with superior attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to our artisans and the communities we operate in.

Our Practices

When you purchase a Cale & Cael jacket or bag you can feel proud. Proud to know that your product was manufactured ethically. We take our practices very seriously - nurturing our artisans, paying above market wages, and ensuring safe working conditions are non-negotiable. By focusing on these values, we can push the industry to put people before profit, leading to a better future for our communities and our children. Our ethical practices are our commitment to the world and mankind.

Our Design Quality

Crafted to withstand years of use, your Cale & Cael leather piece is intended to be a source of pride. One that you can take joy in passing down to your children and grandchildren.

Like a time-honored tradition that is not meant to be broken, we make unforgettable products. Every stitch, detail, and fit is custom-made with only the highest standards in the leather industry. Honoring age old leather craftsmanship techniques; your jacket or bag is made to last far into the future, for decades to come.

Our Cause

Creating a better world for everyone is a large part of the Cale & Cael mission. To achieve this mission, we believe in giving back to communities in need. Proudly donating a percentage of proceeds to organizations that work with disadvantaged youth, our goal is to expose “at-risk” youth to success principles that foster the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

Your decision to purchase a Cale & Cael custom leather item is a decision to help change the world. One purchase, one step at a time; together we are laying the foundation for a better ecosystem between companies, consumers, and our neighbors.